Art Attack Preset

Art Attack

  • Acrylic Stands
  • Wooden Cake Pop Stand
  • Colourful Chain Garland
  • Theme Colour ┬áPaper Fan Wheel
  • Large Ceramic Brush
  • Oversized Pencil


  • 1 Tall Themed Cake with Personalised Cake Topper
  • Themed Donuts
  • Themed Cupcakes
  • Themed Pudding cups
  • Themed Tartlets

Table setting

16 pax table setting

  • Themed Colour Flatwares
  • Placemats
  • Candy Box

Table decor

  • Blue Table Cloth
  • Plain Cupcakes/ Tartlets
  • Colour Palette with Sprinkles
  • Small Paint Bucket and Cream


  • E-Invite
  • 2.5ft Personalised Lasercut Name for Backdrop


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